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From the beginning of our relationship, I strive to have a complete understanding of your goals and make every effort to obtain a favorable settlement. Whether it’s a highly contentious case or you are only seeking advice on how to handle a routine family law matter, I always do something very simple, yet often overlooked: I listen to my clients and always make sure I understand a client’s objectives and then formulate and follow a strategy designed to meet those goals. 

I learned long ago that you can settle a case that you’re prepared to try, but you can’t try a case that you’re prepared to settle. Therefore, I will work closely with you and my valued paralegal, Stephanie, to strategically manage your case from the onset to try to achieve your goals. 

We understand the significant emotional and financial toll caused by protracted litigation. However, when negotiation fails, I rely on my vast experience in litigation to try to obtain the desired result. The trial skills I have developed, first as a prosecutor and then as a civil litigation attorney representing companies involved in multi-million dollar injury claims, allow me to confidently fight for my clients, particularly the often highly contentious areas of child custody, alimony, and high net worth divorces. 

In custody disputes, ideally, the parties will receive assistance through the Office of Family Court Services and through negotiation will be able to agree on a residential schedule that is in your child’s best interest. Unfortunately, often because parents have now assumed the role of opponents in litigation, a proverbial “custody battle” ensues. On occasion, these battles go from bad to worse and sometimes involve allegations of sexual abuse, domestic violence and/or parental alienation. I have  decades of experience handling these types of cases before judges statewide, and can help you if you are experiencing these types of claims.  

High-net worth asset matters (that also frequently involve alimony claims) can also be highly contentious. Maryland judges must consider numerous factors in these types of cases, which often involve complex facts and require the assistance of experts, especially when the wealth is related to a business owned by one or both parties. I work closely with these experts to investigate the legal and financial issues particular to each client and will work with experts through the discovery process so that your interests are protected in settlement discussions and, if necessary, at a trial. Having litigated many of these types of cases, I can help you understand whether the settlement proposal is fair, or whether you need to have a trial to obtain the desired result, by employing a “risk/reward” analysis. 

Family Law